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I was looking through my “book of dreams” tonight that I started sometime in 2010… and got teary when I read the list of what I wrote because some of them have already come to pass! A couple of them are: I ran my second (and third) marathon since then (after being healed of bad knee issues for years), I got my dog (after believing for her for 14 years), and I started writing a book.


Seeing all God has done so far, makes me even MORE excited for what’s to come… like when I actually finish writing a book, when we’re completely debt-free, when I get to go on a missions trip, when I qualify for the Boston Marathon (and some other things I’ll hold a little closer to my heart)… 🙂
Our dreams might seem silly to some people, but that’s okay! The key to all this dreaming business is to hold on to those things the Lord puts in your heart, and don’t let go–no matter what. He put them there for a reason, so trust Him. Write it down, look at it daily, pray over it, and thank God in advance. He will lead and guide you toward it.

I love the verse I put on my dream book: “I brought glory to You here on earth by completing the work you gave me to do. ~ John 17:4” …it always reminds me that my dreams are not about me.

God bless you… and every dream the Lord has ever spoken to your heart. Dream big in 2013, everyone!

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  1. Deborah Johnson
    Jan 1, 2013

    Julie once again you blew e away! Ths message totally blessed me , I loved it ,thank you luv luv 🙂


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