Mill City Cafe – Biscones & Gravy!

I sat at the kitchen table, sipping my coffee, looking out the window, and to my delight, these male and female cardinals landed at the feeder. Aren’t they pretty? My bird-watching didn’t last too long though. I had to get showered and ready for the day because it was Saturday morning, and we decided we were going to go try a new restaurant in the city–one of our favorite new hobbies.


So, Jon and I and Hannah got in the car and drove to Minneapolis for breakfast. To the intersection of NE California Street and NE 22nd Avenue to be exact. This time, our new restaurant stop was Mill City Cafe. It’s in a very old and charming building, and the front entrance couldn’t be more welcoming.


We walked in and had to wait about 20 minutes to be seated, along with the 6-8 people who were waiting before us. It’s always good to see that a new place you’re trying out is popular, so we didn’t mind. We made our way through the dining area to the back entrance, where we waited on a pew they had in the hall, just outside the dining area.

One of the hostesses offered us something to drink while we waited, and not only brought us coffee, but a small plate of fruit as well–with napkins even. That was really hospitable and going above and beyond in my book. I was sold on this place from that point. I thought, who does that?! It was one of those little things that made you feel like your business means a lot to them. She said a few different times, very genuinely, how much she appreciates that we’re waiting. I was impressed from the get-go.


One neat thing about waiting anywhere is that you have the opportunity to look around. We sat there and observed a middle-aged guy sitting at a small school-type desk, minding his own business and doing some type of artwork. I always wonder what people’s stories are in times like that. Then right behind him was an out-of-commission freight elevator, where we noticed that the restrooms were–actually IN the elevator. We’ve seen over and over the creative use of space in those old buildings. I just love that. Just as I was going to get a photo of that, our hostess came back to seat us. Dang!

The dining area was cozy, and all three of us loved it. There were large windows with strings of white lights around them, surrounded by old brick walls, and open beam ceilings. 


This is what I got. It’s called Biscones and Gravy. Does it look delectable OR WHAT? It is a cross between a homemade biscuit & scone, topped with your choice of portabella mushroom gravy or Italian sausage gravy. I couldn’t decide, so I asked our waitress what she likes better. She said she likes to get hers with half of each. That was the best solution to my indecisiveness, and I was glad she offered that as an option so I could try both. WOW!!!!! Both gravies were out of this world, as were the biscones! On top of the biscones & gravy are two eggs, prepared to your liking. My favorite is scrambled, so at least that was an easy decision. On the side were roasted potatoes. Oh my goodness. It was love at first taste.

We all agreed that the service was unparalleled. And the prices were reasonable too. We paid less than $9 per plate.

Jon and Hannah are getting weary of getting their pictures taken while eating, hence my lack of additional photos to share of our time there. Actually, they’re not really digging being in any of my photos lately, but it’s okay. This too shall pass. 🙂

Jon got a traditional breakfast of eggs, toast, sausage, and roasted potatoes. Hannah stepped out and took a risk on the quiche. She doesn’t usually try new things, so for her to try a bacon, kale, and cheddar quiche was kind of a big deal. Jon and Hannah liked and enjoyed their food, but weren’t about to shout from the rooftops about it, quite like I was about mine.

Being somewhat of a dramatic personality, I tend to shout from the rooftops frequently, but TRUST me… you should go there if you’re in town. And if you try the biscones & gravy, come back and tell me if we can sing in unison and shout from the rooftops together! Some things are just worth shouting about.

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