Baby shower festivities

365 Project: Day 81

My little brother Bryce is not so little anymore, but even at 26, he’ll always be my little brother. He and his wife, Dawn, are going to have their first baby anytime between today and a few weeks from now. I am so excited for them! This was the day of Dawn’s baby shower in Lakeville, and I was so happy that Hannah and I got to go. Allison had to work, so that was a bummer. It was fun to see everyone. I haven’t seen my mom, siblings, niece, or my grandma since Christmas, so it was a good day to celebrate the soon-coming arrival of my new baby nephew, and get to see all of them too. 

Me and Hannah with Bryce. He just stayed for a few minutes before the shower got rolling. 


Me and Hannah with Dawn. She’s super cute pregnant, but she said she’s READY. 🙂


Peggy (mom), Missy (sister), Betty (grandma), Dawn (sister-in-law), Brianna (sister), Hannah (daughter), Me… and then that’s August (niece) in front.


Me and my mom. 🙂


Me and my sisters. 🙂


Brianna with August. 🙂


Me and my grandma. 🙂


Me, my mom & my sisters. 🙂 I really love this one of us. We have little to no photos of the four of us (recent ones anyway), so I’m glad we got this one.

I didn’t get any pics of the food… or the punch… or the cookies and cake… all of which were delicious. And I didn’t get any of Dawn opening up her gifts, but she got such cute, adorable, and fun stuff for the baby–and for her and Bryce. Things have changed SO much since I had kids. There are so many new gadgets and fun things. Hey, whatever can help being a mom easier, I’m all for that!

What a happy day it was… as you can tell by all the emoticons. 🙂

And then Hannah and I drove home, which took us almost an hour an a half. It was worth it, of course… and I can’t wait to see everyone again VERY soon. I sure do love my family. I wish we saw each other more often. <3

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