Jon’s department…what a crew

365 Project: Day 77

I left my desk at 2 p.m. and ran upstairs as fast as I could, getting to the conference room just in time for the happy birthday song. Three days after Jon turned 51, his department had a party for him, and they invited me to come (…hence the existence of this photo).

Back row: Heather Mascarenas, Steve Mize, Steve Dumire, Mark Baker, Jeff Litfin, and Jon & I
Front row: Fred Barrett, Rich Rahn, Paul Wiele, and Martha Hultgren

Heather and Martha plan a little party whenever one of the guys has a birthday, and they bring some type of dessert and everything! Isn’t that sweet?

I loved having the opportunity to connect with everyone again, and I was so happy to be invited. I don’t see most of them as often as I’d like to since I work on a different floor, and we’re just in different areas of the building, but anyway…

We laughed, sang, talked, laughed some more, and had a big time for that 45 minutes or so, and then it was back to work for all of them—and back to work for me too.

Jon is so blessed to work so closely with every one of these people. I’m blessed when he is blessed, and… have I mentioned that I really LOVE them all so much? The IT crew at LWCC and cfaith are the best. And they are super duper fun, which is, in my opinion, imperative in any workplace environment.

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