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365 Project: Days 72-74

My book club book this month was The Glass Castle: A Memoir by Jeannette Walls. We all pretty much loved it. The dysfunction in the family was startling at times, which lent itself to great conversation when we met to talk about it. There was such resilience with the kids. It drew me in, and I felt like I was one of them–and so much a part of the story as I was reading it. It was a memoir that read like fiction to me. I would highly recommend this book. It was engaging from the get-go, written very well, and an easy read. There was some language, but because of the story and the dysfunction, I felt like it was contextual, and didn’t take anything away from the story.

We had such a great time… great food (and chocolate), great friends, great books, great conversation, and lots of laughter. Some of the best things in life right there, that’s for sure! I love my book club. And my friends. And chocolate.

 Day 72

Mental note: Unless you want to look like a doofus, don’t wear reflective gear in a picture with a flash. (And poor Savannah, I couldn’t fix her eyes well enough, so I left them alone. We can glow together, I guess. :)) 

Next up: The Help by Kathryn Stockett, which I read once already… and then The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver.

*     *     *     *     *     * 

I ran a Valentine’s Day 5K at Lake Harriet in Minneapolis on the Saturday just before Valentine’s Day. It was a “fun run”, so it wasn’t even chip-timed. And oh my goodness, it was SO cold! I got a coffee mug and a cute pink t-shirt, so that made it funner. I also got to let everyone know whether I was “single”, “taken”, or “it’s complicated” with a sign on my back. I didn’t really want to participate in that, but I did. 🙂 …and in case you wondered, I made the right choice, being that I’m married and all. (see below)

 Day 73

After my races, Jon and I have gotten in the fun habit of going to a new place for breakfast or lunch somewhere in the cities before we come home. This time we went to The Zumbro. At a new place, I always ask what their specialties are, or what some of their most ordered menu items are. Here’s my first-ever eggs benedict, after our waitress recommended it. Yummalicious!

Day 73

Here’s Jon eating his eggs and such, not thrilled that I always take so many pictures of him since I started my 365 Project. I told him the only way I’ll take less is if we spend less time together. We both know that’s not going to happen, so he plays my silly game and musters up a smile as quickly as possible, mostly so I’ll put the camera down and eat my food.

Day 73

We’ll be going back there. With my camera. We loved everything about it. The food, the service, the atmosphere… it’s a winner. 

*     *     *     *     *     * 

For the last couple years, we’ve been celebrating birthdays at home, since it gets so expensive to eat out with all four of the kids and their significant others. Sunday, February 12th was Jon’s 51st birthday, and with Anders just getting out of the hospital and Hans and Amy being out of town, we decided last minute to eat lunch out since everyone wouldn’t be able to be together until the following week.

Jon wanted to go to Anchor Fish & Chips in northeast Minneapolis, a place we tried for the first time a couple months ago. It was fish & chips all the way around, except Hannah, who had their burger for the second time. Good stuff. This has become one of our FAVORITE restaurants.

 Day 74

It was a good day. I think it was for Jon too. Very low-key and relaxing, just how he likes it. I made him his favorite cake… yellow cake with homemade chocolate frosting, and I got him exactly what he asked for, which was a specific camera bag that he prioritized as ‘highest’ on his Amazon wishlist. 🙂  Hannah got him a book he asked for about Minnesota’s historic bridges, with some great photography in it.

Note to self: If ordering gifts by mail, make sure Jon isn’t home when they arrive on the doorstep.

He joked all weekend before opening his gifts about what was in the packages, guessing both things the day they came. I guess it’s okay if he doesn’t care about the surprise, but it felt anticlimactic for me when he finally opened them. Oh well. I’m glad he got what he wanted, and that he had a happy day. Happy birthday to my sweet-loving, incredibly cute and smart, present-guessing hubby. I sure do love you!


  1. Vicki Foss Mehr
    Feb 23, 2012

    When do you sleep lady?!You cram more into a day than I can even imagine–plus writing and taking pictures every day. Awesome lady you are!!


    Julie Reply:

    I don’t know how I do it either, Vicki. I might be needing a vacation soon. Haha! Glory to God. He is my help, and to Him goes the glory. And in Him I rest. Love you and miss you!


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