My green RAVioli

365 Project: Day 72

On my way to my book club last Friday, look what milestone I hit… at 70 miles an hour. No, I’m not talking about the seemingly empty gas tank. That was actually half full (…broken gas gauge :)). Check out the odometer. We bought our 2000 Toyota RAV4 brand new in the fall of 1999, so after 12+ years, 250,000 miles is quite an… um… accomplishment? Well, I don’t know if that’s the right word, but that’s a lot of miles, right?

We’ve had this car so long that I was remembering that I still smoked when we got it, and I have even smoked in it. That seems crazy… like a LIFETIME ago!

We lived in Stillwater when we bought it, and the girls were just sweet little 3- and 6-year old cutie pies at the time. Just thinking about buckling them up in the back seat brings back good memories. So many hours have been spent in this car as a family, as well as tons with just me and the kids going to and fro. Thousands of hours of conversations, laughter, prayer, listening to music, audiobooks, family road trips, to and from church each week, times of solitude to and from work, and lots of grocery shopping and Target trips.

I never would have thought I could like a car this long, but I DO! I love it almost as much as the first day we got it. It’s a stick shift, and I absolutely love driving it. I get kind of bummed thinking that almost everything is an automatic nowadays, so I hope whenever we do need to get another vehicle, we’ll still be able to find a manual transmission somewhere.

It’s the best little runner we’ve ever had, and in all these years, we’ve hardly had any problems with it (except the broken gas gauge and a couple other small things). If we could call inanimate objects like cars friends, and not be looked at like we’re a kook, I’d call my green RAVioli a good and trusted one. Here’s to many more years and many more miles!

…and no car payment!

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